Right now, one of the best ways to reach out to your customer base and increase brand recognition is through the use of a corporate blog. However, many companies aren’t sure where they should start and how they can take advantage of this trend.

Here are some tips that make corporate blogging easy for any size company.

Blogging for Companies

1. Plan Your Blogs Path Out In Advance

Its not enough just to create a blog, throw up a few posts and hope it will work. You will need to come up with a clear plan on what you plan to talk about with your blog, how often you will post and a general list of topics that you want to cover. By taking care of this in advance, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of the common pitfalls that make corporate blogs fail.

2. Design Your Blog to Match Your Corporate Site

This sounds like a given, but it is actually a very common error. If you’re working on branding, you need to create that factor of instant recognition. By integrating your blogs design into your site design you will be able to easily create that recognition.

Many companies try to get crazy with wild themes or simply fail to have any sort of visual link between their blogs and their sites. This is a mistake that can be easily avoided.

3. Use an RSS Management System

Most blogs will have an RSS feed that will allow readers to receive instant updates whenever you publish new content. There are numerous services out there, such as Feedburner, that take this to a whole new level, providing you with tracking, format management and many other features.

You can use these statistics to help shape your blog by finding out which posts are the most popular, which ones dont receive much traffic as well as your overall readership. Pageviews aren’t enough when you’re trying to see if your blog is successful. You need to have that extra information at your fingertips.

4. Use a Platform That is Conducive to Easy and Frequent Blogging

If you are using blogging software that is complicated chances are you wont want to post on a frequent basis. Likewise, you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time training your blogger to use the system. Go with an application that allows a simple type and post action to make it easier.

5. You’ve got to Promote Your Blog

If you don’t spend the time promoting your new blog, you may as well not have one. Take the time to use social networking sites and other avenues to build your blog readership.

A blog management company can help you accomplish all of these tasks and many more. Busy company owners find that having this kind of help makes corporate blogging incredibly easy and more successful. You will be able to leverage their experience and expertise to create a stellar blog that gets read.