For some, the premise of corporate blogging is a bit strange. It’s hard to know when a corporate blog may be right for you and it’s also difficult to know just what you’re supposed to do with one.

Here’s an easy guide to help you get your blog started the right way.

Corporate Blogging Demystified


First, the main purpose of a corporate blog can be divided into three part: Attracting New Customers, Improving Search Engine Rankings and Building a Stronger Brand. All three play into one another and you shouldn’t have one without the other.

With the right kind of blog, you can accomplish all three things without difficulty. This does mean however that you will need to work on a few things when you are getting started.

In order to improve your SEO, your blog’s posts should contain keywords that are relevant to your business. This means making a list of what you would like to have your site listed under with search engines and then making sure that you mention these keywords throughout your posts. This should start producing results within about two weeks to two months, depending on how often you update your blog.

Building a stronger brand is accomplished by creating a relationship with your readers that is both endearing and professional. You’ll need to walk that fine line between having engaging prose and getting too friendly. It takes a little while, but most get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Attracting new customers means that you will need to market your new blog. Advertise it on your site, promote it with social bookmarking sites and you may even consider running a PPC campaign to promote it. This will take a little time to work, but you should be able to start attracting more new customers as soon as your blog posts are indexed.

Keeping up The Good Work

In order to reinforce all of the above, you need to make sure that you are publishing your blog on a regular basis. If you can’t put up a new post every day, you should try for at least once a week. The more often you publish, the greater your chances are of getting a good ranking with search engines. Your site will be indexed more often and your readers will have more to keep them occupied.

Running a corporate blog usually entails quite a bit of time, so you may want to consider hiring a blog management service. They can assist you with promotion, more frequent posting and handling the day to day needs of a corporate blog.

This frees up your staff to focus on their own tasks instead of getting caught up with the blog. In some cases, a blog can take a few minutes to manage, or a few hours. Either way, it is helpful to have someone else there to help you through the entire process to ensure that your blog is a successful as it can be and that you achieve your goals.