Corporate blogging is not the kind of thing that comes easily and generates immediate success. When it comes to social media efforts like blogging, there are upsides and downsides and both must be addressed in order to adequately prepare for a new project like a corporate blog.

Here are some of the challenges that corporate bloggers are facing.

Corporate Bloggers

Many do not receive the traffic numbers they desire.

There are not massive increases in the number of viewers on the web, and there are only so many hours available in the day to read blogs. While there are millions of blogs out there, only a few are able to rise to the top and really stand out.

Blogs often require more time than the bloggers initially realize.

Blogging’s biggest concern is not actually money, but rather is time. When it comes to executives, the cost per hour can radically increase. Blogging is costly when it comes to time, and managing a corporate blog can easily take up 1-2 hours a day if not more of an important executive’s time if there is no social media manager in place.

Being conversational is not always natural.

Traditional marketing is not quite the same as having a conversation at the corner coffee shop, so many writers who work on corporate blogs have trouble being conversational because they are more used to “carpet bombing” marketing rather than social media marketing.

Blogs are not marketing campaigns, per say, so there is no ending date.

Bad blogs can easily whimper along for a long time, without anyone knowing when to call it quits. The same can go just as easily for great blogs, however. At what point is a blog supposed to stop?

Some corporate blogs have legal issues and other hang ups.

The legal facet of your business may have trouble with the two way dialogue that is created, allowing objective content and negative content to exist within your blog. How do we react when our dirty laundry is aired in our blog, or when our readers post content or questions that we are not ready to handle? How open and honest should we allow our blog to be?

Employee blogs do not necessarily represent the brand.

Just because your employees are working for your company, it does not mean they have the best interest of the brand at heart. Good employees are not necessarily good bloggers. Who do you really want to represent your blog? Some employees may inadvertently cast your brand in the completely wrong light.

Success is difficult to measure.

Marketers can measure the success of their campaigns through registrations and visits, but with blogs, success is much more difficult to measure. The problem with blogs is that the social success can have different forms, including trackbacks, comments and other forms of conversation. Without raw numbers, how does anyone know whether or not success has been reached?

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