Choosing a new career is hard. It is scary. It is an unknown realm that Shakespeare’s Hamlet spouted poetically about. So how do you make a decision about a new job or a new career?

By expanding on famous blogger Penelope Trunk’s seven tips on how to choose a new career, I might be able to give some clarity to people facing a tricky decision.


First of all, people who are thinking about a new job or career need to make sure it’ll be a psychologically positive experience. In other words, if it will cause more stress, then perhaps it isn’t the best career choice.

For example, working at home can be beneficial for some, but not for others, depending on their work style and personality.

People considering a new career should also consider whether this new career will allow them to make money. Moving from being a doctor to a mailman may provide less stress in terms of the workplace, but may add stress to a lifestyle because of the pay cut. So finances are a consideration.

Also, when you are thinking of a new career, you should think about whether it will use your gifts and skills. Perhaps that is why you are dissatisfied with your current career -your talents aren’t being used. So when switching jobs, you want to make sure you don’t wind up in a similar situation.

Always ask yourself, when considering a career move, how it will affect the people around you. Will moving schools harm your children’s marks? Will a change in pay stress a partner?

Perhaps the changes are worth it, but they still need to be discussed and thought about. A different work schedule might require some flexibility from the other family members.

Though people don’t always think about this, as they want to be positive about all people they meet, the question must be asked: Will you like the people you’ll work with?

This is an important question because, while you don’t have to be best friends, you will be seeing these people all the time and need to be productive with them. If you don’t like them, or can’t get along with them long-term, then soon you’ll be back in the same situation as before – searching for a new job.

Along with the above advice, people also need to consider their job at its worst. A job might sound great, but even the best careers have a downside. So one must imagine the job at its worst and think seriously about whether it is a job that they can handle.

After all the above considerations have been discussed and thought over seriously, the best advice one can gain is to make a decision and go with it. There are pros and cons to everything, but a decision must be made. Once that decision is made, try not to be hesitant. Simply jump in and try your best.