Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. It’s not enough to be good at what you do. The public needs to learn to trust you as a leading brand in your field.

This requires a clear brand definition that people understand and believe. Follow these three tips to transform your brand vision into a reality.

Business Branding

1. Be Consistent

If the public sees conflicting messages, they are less likely to trust your brand. A consistent brand image is achieved by creating consistent brand materials and applying them across everything your brand touches.

First and foremost, you need a logo and a “tag line.” Design a logo that reveals both the purpose and the personality of your brand.

Keep it simple, but make it unique. Use the logo on business signage, press materials, digital assets, employee uniforms and any other brand assets.

2. Take Advantage of Social Networking

Begin with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Expand to other networks as potential opens up in other places. Start conversations with the public to help them see how your brand can be important to them.

However, you also need to remain present throughout the conversation and be responsive to consumers. Using external software to schedule posts in advance is an easy way to remain active, but you also need to log on and respond to what people are saying.

Remember that one of the best elements of a brand identity is a positive customer service image.

3. Offer Promotional Products

Let your customers advertise for you. Create promotional items that people will actually use, such as branded t-shirts, key chains and travel mugs.

As your fans go about their day-to-day activities they will be passively promoting your company. Do consider your brand values when creating promotional products. For example, a company with a high-end, elegant brand shouldn’t give out low-quality pens, or any other low quality products.

When it comes time to design the products work with a visual communications professional and use your business signs as inspiration for the colors and design.

The public will form an opinion about your organization whether you actively define your brand or not, so don’t be passive. By proactively applying consistency, social networking, and promotional products to your branding efforts, you are sure to establish a brand identity that the public learns to trust.