When business blog owners first get started, there is a lot of pressure to focus on promoting the whole blog. While this does work, there is an easier way to get attention and increase your chances of success.

By breaking down your blog promotion into actual posts, you can see better results in most cases. Let’s take a look at how this works.

How to Promote Specific Posts On Your Blog

First, you’ll need to find or write a post that you are really proud of. This should be a post that is absolutely stellar, makes a point or even one that could cause a little controversy. Read through all of your posts until you find that perfect one. Don’t worry if it is a little old, that doesn’t matter. If it is literally ancient, write a new post referencing it and work that old post into a new one.

Ok, so once you have found the perfect post, the chosen one, it is time to start promoting the heck out of it. You won’t be focusing on your entire business blog here, just that one post. Start submitting it to social bookmarking sites. Write a press release that references the post and put it on free PR sites. Find ways to make that little post stand out and get noticed.

The immediate benefit, especially if the content is evergreen, currently a hot topic, or controversial is that you’re going to see a lot of traffic to that one post. You should be linking to that actual post and not your main blog page if you want this to work. So, you’ve got people coming in to see that post, how to do you take advantage of this situation.

Before you even start, you will need to add links in that perfect post that reference other posts on your business blog that are somehow related. You should also be using a plugin that will display related posts at the bottom of the one that you are promoting. This will encourage readers to explore your site further.

Let’s take a look at a step by step process:

  1. Find the post you want to promote
  2. Make sure that you add links to your other content inside this post
  3. Make sure that you have a related posts link at the bottom of the post
  4. Submit the actual post page to social bookmarking sites

By following these steps, you will be able to successfully promote that solitary post and have it work for you. This is ideal for business blogs that may be a little on the staid or boring side. If you are focusing on serious industry news, you may not have the opportunity to write a lot of posts that will get a reader’s attention. Instead of trying to create every post that way, work on just doing one really great post and use this as leverage to attract new readers.

Once you have this technique down, you’ll be able to find other posts to promote to get the same benefits.