There are three different primary considerations to make when it comes to naming your corporate blog. You cannot simply choose a name that you prefer, if it is not relevant to your business or attractive to your prospective readers. Likewise, you cannot choose a name for your corporate blog that is attractive to your prospective readers but that is not relevant to your company or that will not be easy to find in search engines or through word of mouth.

Here are the three most basic characteristics that your corporate blog’s new name should follow.


– When choosing a name for your corporate blog, you should choose a name that you enjoy.

If you like your blog and feel comfortable writing in it, then you will almost certainly write more often. Because the more you write, the more successful your blog will be, it is absolutely vital that your blog be a comfortable and productive destination for you to write in.

When choosing a name for your corporate blog, you are going to want to select a name that resonates with you, in order to keep you writing for a good long time.

– When choosing a name for your corporate blog, you should choose a name that is relevant to and attractive for your readers.

Fun blog names, interesting blog names and otherwise attractive blog names are the blogs that attract the most traffic. “My corporate blog” is not a blog name that is going to inspire people to come and visit, to keep reading, or to pass a link to your blog on to their friends, family and colleagues.

By making your blog more attractive by giving it a good name, you are inviting interested parties to come and check it out.

– When choosing a name for your corporate blog, you should choose a name that makes your blog easy to find and also offers relevancy to search engines by utilizing important keywords.

The name of your blog is what will appear in the title of your search engine results. The name of your blog is going to have an impact on your search engine results. If you can, implement your most important keyword into the title of your blog.

This way, every time someone references your blog they will be doing so by mentioning your most important keyword. Careful consideration is definitely needed to make sure that you have a productive corporate blog name, at least if you are serious about attracting visitors to your blog.

All three of these considerations are important if you want your corporate blog to stand out. While your content is the most important part of your blog, having a solid name is definitely important.

Your corporate blog name should be keyword driven, reader friendly and also motivating to you if you want a reason to keep writing in your corporate blog. Once you choose a good name and website address for your blog, you will definitely be in business and will see an increase in visitors to your website.