If you are getting ready to launch a corporate blog, there are a few techniques that you can use to make sure that it is a success. By utilizing these methods you can ensure that you will quickly build up a new readership and starting increasing your customer base.

Corporate blogs are an excellent means of reaching out to the public, but they need to managed correctly if they are going to get the right results.

Smart Blogging

1. Allow Comments But Moderate Them

Having the ability for readers to leave comments on a blog is a very powerful tool. It has many benefits, such as increasing the connection your readers feel with your blog as well as increasing page views. The important thing is never to let these comments go live without first vetting them.

A free for all can quickly happen if you allow bad comments to surface on your blog. It is better to manage these comments and avoid flame wars that can result from comments that are vitriolic or bad for your business.

The main issue with moderating comments is that sometimes you should let through comments that may not be the most flattering to your company. However, this should only be done if you are capable of responding and refuting the comment in a calm and rational manner. Never let commenters drag you into a flame war. You’ll end up losing every time.

2. Publish as Regularly and as Often as Possible

Readers need to know that they can depend on your blog to be published on a regular basis. Most internet users have a schedule where they check their favorite blogs during specific times of the day. If you have several days go by without a new post, it is all too easy to lose those readers. You need to be able to make that commitment to publish daily if possible and to keep a set schedule.

In corporate blogging, predictability is key. Your readers need to know that if they visit your site every day at 4pm, they are going to see a new post if that is the usual time that you add content. Otherwise, it is all too easy to lose their attention and have them go somewhere else.

3. Be Personable

You don’t want to project the image that your company is cold and heartless. Don’t be afraid to get personable with your posts but always keep them professional. Venting is never appropriate on a corporate blog, even if it does feel good at times.

You need to be able to create a connection with your readers and sometimes this means showing a personal side to your company. It doesn’t have to be juicy details, but you do need to show that a human being with feelings is writing your blog.

Hiring a blog management company can really make the difference in navigating what you should and should not do with your corporate blog. This is useful for those that have no prior experience in running a blog and can avert disaster.