Guest blogging has exploded in the last 6 months with the Penguin Update practically abolishing previous link building practices overnight. Link networks and automated link building practices were targeted and all of a sudden, link building was now going to require a bit of hard work.

Guest blogging has been around for a while and really is the art of relationship building.

Blogging Relationships

It generally involves reaching out to blog owners and fellow webmasters where you can offer quality material that you wish to have published on their blog. In return a well crafted author bio provides the opportunity to claim authorship over this great piece of content whilst also getting that valuable backlink to your website.

Here we look at some important ways to building establishing lasting blogging relationships for your business.

Be associated to quality content

A quality blog is only really as good as the content is has published. That is very much true of being a writer. If you read a poorly written book, the chances are you are unlikely to read anything else from that author.

Producing quality content should be your main priority and remember that your content will link back to you. Search engines are becoming much savvier and all those poor quality articles that were linking to your website are undoubtedly going to harm it in the future.

Fellow blog owners only want quality material published on their blog so providing great content can only strengthen your chances of getting your article published and enhancing your future relationship.

Provide authorship

Whether you are a brand or a seasoned writer, begin by authenticating your work. It proves you are serious about being associated to the content and views you are providing.

If you are outsourcing your copywriting, remember that their work will reflect on your brand so be sure that the quality is of a high standard. Providing regular great content will only help to enhance your authorship and will show fellow blog owners that you are an authority on a proven subject.

This will help in building stronger relationships with blog owners and allow the search engines to authenticate your profile with the content you are publishing. It is the search engines job to provide the best and most relevant search results for a given search.

If you are establishing yourself as a authority on a given subject, this is going to provide great leverage for building future relationships with fellow bloggers.

Your guest post should pitch to their audience

When looking at getting your guest post published, first make sure that you have created a piece of content that will pitch to the blog owner’s audience. How many guest bloggers simply provide a piece of irrelevant content without really considering the blog at all?

Take time to examine the content on the blog so you can get a feel for what the blog audience are more likely to engage with. This is a good way to build a stronger relationship with blog owner and undoubtedly help in getting your guest post published.

Remember that quality blogs will have good sources of traffic and a well written guest post may see extra visitors landing on your website looking for more of the same.

Crafting a well written guest post that engages well with the blogs audience can be a great way to establish yourself as a quality contributor and see future guest opportunities provided to you.