An important part of promoting your corporate blog is making sure that you have plenty of good inbound links coming into your site. This can help increase your overall popularity, as well as how search engines rank your site.

While there are some methods of building links that promise the moon, they are generally considered as bad links by search engines and they should be avoided.

Link Building Strategies

So, how do you go about getting quality inbound links for your site? There are few techniques that you can use that will dramatically impact your site’s links, but they will take some work. It is important to remember that you’re not going to see instant results, but over time, these link building strategies will work.

The first step is to create content that people will want to link to. This means posting breaking news, funny lists and other content that is generally referred to as “Linkbait.” Once you start publishing content like this however, you’ll have to take one more step to get results.

This means submitting that post to sites like, and other social bookmarking/news sites. You may need to try a few different posts to see which ones get the most results. When in doubt, pay attention to the posts on these sites that make the front page and see how you can implement the same techniques.

Next, you’ll need to start submitting content to other sites. While you’ll want to stay away from most article submission sites, generally gets some pretty good results. Make sure that you include your blog’s link at the bottom of the article. Pages like this are generally ranked very well by search engines, so this will be seen as a “quality link.”

Another key is publishing content that people want to read, content that affects them on an emotional level. They will be much more likely to link to you and share your content if you can do this.

One of the biggest mistakes a corporate blogger can make is being too “corporate.” No one really wants to read boring posts that do not affect them personally. Find a topic that is suited to your blog that will produce an emotional response in readers.

Infographics are another great way of getting links, but results will vary. is a good example of one of these sites. There are hundreds out there, but you’ll want to focus on the most popular ones. Submit your site and try to be the first to break news on an important subject. You’ll likely get many links as a result.

One technique that is little used is to submit answers to discussion groups/Yahoo Answers and other sites where users try to find information.

Make sure to include your site’s link at the bottom of your answer if you do try this and always remember that what you say could affect your company down the road. When used properly however, this is a great way to get a lot of easy links back to your site.