One of the most common mistakes that corporate blog owners make is turning their blog into a glorified sales letter. While there is a place for sales copy on a blog, it should only be used when absolutely necessary, and never as the main form of communication.

No one really likes being “sold to,” and if you are noticing that there has been a drop off in your readership, you may be overselling your blog a bit. Here are some signs to watch out for to keep your blog from turning into a sales letter.

Corporate Blog

1. Product Placement Ratios Go Up

There is nothing wrong with promoting your products in your corporate blog. In fact, that’s why many bloggers decide to get into this form of communication. However, if you are writing more about your products and worrying less about creating a relationship with your readers, you may end up in a bad spot.

Try to keep your product placement ratio to one for every three to four posts. It’s best to use soft selling techniques, rather than blanket attempts to promote your products.

2. Your Blog Posts Become Impersonal

Even the best copywriters have issues with overselling, and it’s all too easy for a corporate blog owner to fall into this trap. The harder you sell your products, the more removed you become from your audience. Again, try to find that balance between actual communication and selling your merchandise.

In order to keep that relationship strong, consider posting more about how a product will benefit your readers, rather than throwing it in their face.

3. You Start to Get Complaints

If you have gotten one or two complaints that your blog is simply selling too much, this is an indication that you may need to think hard about your posting procedures. Those one or two people are only the ones that took the time to write and you have to consider just how many people walked away, instead of contacting you.

You are writing your corporate blog for your audience first and foremost, to set up that relationship of trust – not to endlessly pitch your products at them.

4. You Notice Your Page Views Declining

This is a common sign that something is wrong with your blog. It could be a natural turn of events, or it could be a sign that you are drifting from your initial purpose. Once you start to develop that relationship with your readers, it’s tempting to try to monetize them by selling your products.

However, it’s a fine line to cross over and it’s all too easy to end up losing readers as a result. Monitor your stats and see if you are noticing any drop-offs when you post promotional material.

While corporate blogs are a powerful medium for product placement, they should not be abused. Always keep your main focus in front of you and remember that the relationship with your customer and reader has to come first.