Getting traffic to your website for free used to be easy: put a bit of content on your website, get a bunch of backlinks and Google sent you traffic.Those days are long gone

With constant Google algorithm change and because of tons of websites, getting traffic to your website has become a challenge. It is obvious that a new website will not start ranking the next day after it is launched. You will have to wait more to get recognized by the search engines before they start sending your traffic.

Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your website isn’t hard at all. You can choose either paid advertising or free marketing. New marketers with budget in hand prefer paid advertising because it’s quick, simple, and you can get results right away.

With free marketing, you can earn 100% profits, but the rate at which you succeed and the rate at which you will make money will be slow. However, they both can work together.

Getting Visitors From Other Sites

Since Google with not sends to traffic right away, Best way to get more visitors to your site is to get them from other sites in your market. The problem is that you have to make sure you are in the right marketplace.

It is good idea to have 10 other sites in your niche that you can work with to get traffic from. You are going to have a lot of problems if you try to work with more than ten websites.

So you have to realize that this is by far the best strategy for getting more visitors to your site online without depending on Google; however, you must make a right approach.

Website From Where You Can Get Free Traffic

Blog Directory: Blog directory usually has a high page rank, so it is more search engines friendly with the good amount of web traffic. You can expect to get some traffic once you submit your website there.

Article Directory: Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a powerful technique. It will not only help to get some free traffic but also helps to build quality backlinks. For best results, only submit your unique article to article directory.

It only takes a few minutes to make some simple changes to make an article unique. Then, submit to different article directory. Search engines prefer original content than duplicate content.

Social Bookmarking:  If your post is well-written and contains information that would be interesting or useful to others, you can  make your message reach to various social bookmarking sites.

There are many social bookmarking sites to choose from. Try to keep your messages on various social bookmarking sites and not submit any contribution to the same locations.

Video Directory: Videos related to your product gives a good success for the investment as compared to classical and costly kinds of marketing when it’s done correctly. You can produce a fresh advertising message rather than a conventional marketing message, let the people know how innovative your products or service is.

The online world is filled with truths and myths, especially when it comes to the topic of getting traffic to your site. You must try all the available techniques and stick to one, which is attracting more traffic. However, the best kind of traffic is targeted traffic, which can be only achieved from the search engines.