If you are planning on starting your own corporate blog or executive blog, or if you already have a corporate blog that you are writing in, then one of your greatest concerns should be corporate blog security issues.

There are a variety of different corporate blogging security issues that you need to watch out for, and protecting yourself against them will make sure that your blog is protected. Considering the fact that your corporate blog is a part of your company, implementing some basic steps for corporate blog security is absolutely vital.

Blog Security

You do not want someone breaking into your blog and posting fraudulent entries or deleting your blog all together. Here are some things that you want to consider:

– One of the biggest concerns that you need to put thought into is your hosting.

If you are hosting your corporate or executive blog in the same place that you are hosting your other business data, you are putting a large amount of data at risk.

By hosting your corporate blog entries outside of your normal business machines by working with a third party hosting service you can actually dissipate a large amount of this concern, better protecting your data in the process.

By separating your blog entries and blog administration from your normal small business machines, you can better protect all of your data.

– Another security concern that you need to put some consideration into is what happens if you make a goof on your corporate blog.

Imagine having the wrong information posted for all of your customers, clients and readers to see. If you make a goof on your corporate blog, it can be really embarrassing not only for you as the blogger but also for your entire company and the reputation that you have worked so hard to build.

Keep this in mind when it comes to posting in your blog, and also keeping it safe from people who want to harm your valuable reputation.

– Here is something else that is worthwhile to consider:

The SEC just recently allowed SUN to make all of their future corporate announcements via blog posts rather than through press releases. What does this tell you about the importance not only of corporate or executive blogging in general, but also in relation to who is actually reading blogs online and how seriously they take the content of these blog entries?

If blogging is becoming the new way to spread news about a company, then keeping your blog safe and secure is absolutely vital to the health of your company’s reputation.

Regardless of whether you are just now thinking about writing in a blog, or if you already have an established corporate blog that you are using to build your company’s reputation, it is absolutely vital that you consider the elements involved in the security and safety of your blog.

There is no telling what will happen if someone finds their way into your server, wreaking havoc on your blog and your company’s reputation in the process.