Igor Rondel is the Principal Development Manager of Bing Index Quality. Igor said Bing needs “to do a better job of proactively communicating updates” and they realize that now.

Bing Site Safety Page has recently rolled out to Webmaster Portal hinting that some additional updates coming to it soon.

Bing Vows To Better Webmaster Communication

Here Are Some Of Questions Answers Series Published on Bing Blog

Q: Why post on Bing Webmaster Blog?

A: Index Quality team has long had a close and rewarding relationship with the Bing Webmaster team. In the large Bing family, the Webmaster and Index Quality teams are close siblings:

1) we share a common principle and desire to stay close to our customers;

2) Webmaster Portal hosts our malware analytics page as well as SEO/ content guidelines and

3) we even share some backend technology to power various data mining and analysis capabilities. In fact, until as recent as 3-4 years ago these two projects were actually developed by the same group of engineers.

We continue to build on that relationship and collaborate on many projects such as the Bing Site Safety Page and SEO/ Content guidelines. As such, the Webmaster blog presents a perfect location to share Index Quality updates with Bing customers and content owners.

Q: Does Index Quality team assess documents outside of the specific categories discussed above?

A: Yes, we process every single document that goes through Bing and aim to assess its quality, from head to toe, even if it doesn’t fit under categories mentioned above. In fact, this bucket represents the vast majority of the documents in Bing. Knowing which documents are high quality vs low allows us to feed a very powerful signal to our ranker to help provide the best results to the user.

Q: What aspects of content do you care about wrt low/ high quality documents? A: Many, here are some examples:

Generation cost: How much time/ effort/ experience went into generating the content on the page (e.g. content farms)?

Freshness: How up-to-date is the content on the page?

Authority: How authoritative is the content on the page? Would you trust it? Make important decisions based on it?

Depth: How deep or shallow is the content on the page? Does it fully answer user’s need or require them to seek additional information elsewhere?

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