Among the recent changes to Imgur, you must have probably noticed the search bar front and center. Now you could search for gallery posts, since it was limited earlier.

With the addition of tags, there was the need of some rework so that it enhances user experience by suggesting potential tags, memes, and users.

Advanced Image Search With Imgur

To facilitate image discovery, imgur now implement search in different areas of the site and the advanced search tool was developed.  Image search has come a long way in the last few years. They studied eight top image search engines out there to see what commonalities they exhibit.

Imgur now has some powerful search tools that can help users identify viral images quicker than before. This was possible with new image tagging system along with advanced search.

You can now notice new look of Imgur, which is the opening filter that allows users to sort by a variety of attributes, including virality, time, points and popularity. Images are then shown as thumbnails with scoring and comments appearing upon a hover.

There are four things, which are new to the image hosting website.

  1. The Look itself
  2. Addition of Tags
  3. Addition of Search Bar
  4. Advance Search Feature

All-in-all, the flexibility of the new search lets users to dig even deeper into the site. Currently, advanced search is in beta testing, along with a wealth of new features. Beta testing is being limited at the moment.