As the user generated content business gets into full swing, many business blog owners are wondering whether or not using videos in their blog will be advantageous.

There are a few schools of thought on the matter, as well as some basic ground rules that can be followed. In a nutshell, video can be a very powerful medium, but only if it is used correctly.

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First, it’s best to determine whether or not video content will enhance your blog, or take away from it. If you are selling products for example, uploading a video on how to use the product, or something interesting about it, could be very advantageous and can work as a powerful selling point.

However, if you have a video that does not showcase the product to its full potential, that can be disastrous.

Any video content you put on your blog should follow some basic principles. If it’s yours, it should be as professional as possible, easy to watch and should not bore the viewer.

If you decide to use someone else’s video, it is vital to do a little background on that person to make sure that you won’t run into any problems through your association with them. You’d be surprised at how easy it can be to ruin a reputation, simply through association.

Let’s say that you find a great video that works well with your content, and is already quite popular. You add it to your site, and your viewers go to watch other videos from that person. If they happen to be a white supremacist this could definitely work against you. Always go through the video collection before you actually post someone else’s video on your site.

For most business blog owners, it is best to stick with videos that are made in-house, and by a professional team. If you are using a bad camera with shaky audio, it’s going to give your audience the impression that you don’t know what you’re doing. On the other hand, if your videos are crisp and clear, that will give the impression that you are professional.

The videos you do add, if you do decide to go this route, should be brief and to the point. Many people make the mistake of droning on in their videos, and end up losing viewers as a result. If you have a longer video series, you may want to consider breaking it up into a few parts. This works in two ways.

First, you won’t be overloading your viewers with information. Second, they’ll have an extra incentive to keep coming back to your site.

Business blog owners that do start adding video should remember to keep a good balance between written and video content. Don’t lose your focus and become solely a video blog, since you may end up losing those that prefer to read your information. Try to find a good balance between the two so that you can capitalize on the benefits of both forms of communication.