I have been doing a series of articles on my personal blog about how to get your content in front of your audience, meaning, how to take what you’re publishing on your blog to reach your target audience.

Rather than trying to create a video for each method, or even a single blog post, I thought I’d put together a lengthy list of a variety of ways. I wanted to do this partly to demonstrate the sheer magnitude of options, but also to give you a list from which you could select one, two, or even ten “doable” tasks to apply today.

Blog Content

  1. Write great content. (It all starts here.)
  2. Tell your friends and family… face-to-face.
  3. Email your friends and family to introduce your blog (but don’t spam strangers).
  4. Include a link to your blog in your email signature.
  5. Make sure your blog gets indexed by Google.
  6. Try to get your blog indexed by Google blog search.
  7. Submit your site to search engines, but don’t pay for it.
  8. Build an email marketing list. (I recommend MailChimp.)
  9. Use Feedburner to publish your site’s rss feed in universal formatting.
  10. Also use Feedburner to make your feed available to email subscribers.
  11. Make the links to your feed, both email and rss, easy to find and use.
  12. Publish your full posts in your feed, not just excerpts.
  13. Submit your feed to RSS feed directories.
  14. Sign up for Twitter and send links to your articles out (along with links to other helpful things).
  15. Stay abreast of the latest Twitter news in your niche.
  16. Join various Twitter directories to make yourself findable, such as Twiends and Twibes.
  17. Tweet links to your posts multiple times, but disclose this and do it in moderation.
  18. Sign up for Facebook and post links to your articles on your profile.
  19. Create a Facebook fan page for your site.
  20. Post links to your articles on LinkedIn, or in a LinkedIn group.
  21. Use other networks like Google+, Reddit, etc.
  22. Try to get listed with Alltop.
  23. Join or start a group to share articles that are worthy of attention.
  24. Add sharing buttons to the top of your posts for re-tweeting, facebook, etc.
  25. Add sharing buttons to the bottom of your posts for even more.
  26. Make sure sharing buttons show in your feed.
  27. List your social networking profiles on your blog for others to connect.
  28. Create or join Ning networks where you can share valuable content.
  29. Add your blog’s link to all of your social networking profiles.
  30. If you run multiple sites, inter-link them if they fit together.
  31. If you don’t run multiple sites, start another site and interlink them.
  32. Use social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and Folkd.
  33. Submit to blogger-specific sites like BlogEngage, kingged, do splash, blokube, klinkk and biz sugar.
  34. Leave comments on other blogs.
  35. Look for blogs that use CommentLuv and be sure to comment there.
  36. Use video-sharing sites to share videos, and use Facebook and Twitter to promote videos.
  37. Maximize your video-sharing site profiles to link back to your blog.
  38. Subscribe to your own blog’s rss feed, then “share” your articles via Google Reader.
  39. Join BlogCatalog and add your blog.
  40. Begin your own news submission and voting site.
  41. Refer to your own articles in comments on other blogs, but ONLY if it actually adds value to the discussion.
  42. Offer links to articles you’ve already written when answering questions people ask you.
  43. Take old articles and re-shape them a bit, then submit them to article directories.
  44. Submit links to nice-specific news sites or blogs with community news sections.
  45. Make your blog readable on mobile devices.
  46. Use Google Reader’s extra sharing features to offer a widget to other bloggers with your content.
  47. Publish free white papers or ebooks with your link on them.
  48. Distribute your free resources on document-sharing sites.
  49. Add your link to your business cards, letterhead, etc.
  50. Advertise your blog with pay-per-click campaigns.
  51. Make graphic banners available for fans of your blogs to use, especially 125 x 125 buttons.
  52. Link to other blogs often, not only to gain attention, but to be unselfish.
  53. Bookmark posts from other blogs that refer to your own posts.
  54. Guest post on other blogs.
  55. Write a press release.
  56. Install the free plugin “WordPress Ping Optimizer”.
  57. Create or sponsor a blogging theme or plugin.
  58. Double-check your on-page search engine optimization.
  59. Participate in discussion forums and have your blog’s link in your signature.
  60. Host a workshop, webinar, or online chat and invite people to it.
  61. Have a giveaway and ask people to become eligible by promoting or commenting.
  62. Answer questions on LinkedIn’s answer board, Yahoo answers, etc.
  63. Advertise offline, the cheap way, with flyers.
  64. Work on branding with a nice logo and beautiful blog design.
  65. Work on readability, usability, and ease-of-navigation on your blog.
  66. Ask advice of mentors and experienced bloggers, even directly.
  67. Ask for critiques, reviews, or suggestions.

Well, make that 67 and I’ll add more later. By the way, don’t do all of this everyday or you won’t have any life at all. Find what works for you, rinse and repeat. I’m bound to have left something out. If you have a tip, a site, or a suggestion, even your own post about how to promote blogs, please plug them in the comments.