The whole point of creating a corporate blog is to be able to reach out to your customers, build up an audience and market your company.

It takes time to build up an audience but there are many things that you can do to ensure that more people will start reading your corporate blog. Let’s take a look at just a few hints that will get you started.

Corporate Blog

1. Promote your blog on your own site and in company material.

Take yourself back to a few years ago when more companies started building an online presence. Back then, you had to put your URL on everything (and you still should be) to get noticed. The same is true to today.

It is important to actively and heavily promote your corporate blog in any way that you can. Adding it to your site should only take a few minutes and you’ll be capitalizing on people that are already interested in your company.

2. Use social networking sites.

Submitting your blog posts to places such as and are great ways to increase your traffic and discover new customers. Keep in mind however that generic posts that are not very interesting are probably not going to get voted up on to the front pages.

Pay attention to the posts that make the front page on social networking sites and find a way to do something similar on your own blog. Top ten lists are always popular and there is usually a way that you can create one for your own business.

Let’s say that you run a corporate blog for a shoe store. You could do a top ten list on common foot injuries and how they could be prevented. Get creative!

3. Schedule interviews or invite guest bloggers.

Let’s face it, unless you are an incredibly engaging person, your blog might get a little bit dull from time to time. Inviting a high profile blogger in your industry to guest post on your blog is a great way to get cross traffic.

If they won’t do that, schedule an interview with them and post it on your blog. By including someone who is more popular, you’ll be leveraging their success and putting it to work for your site.

4. Use keywords.

Smart bloggers use keywords that will ensure that their blogs are discovered. Read up on search engine optimization and then put those same techniques to work on your blog.

You’ll be ranked higher in search engines, your discoverability will go up and you’ll be promoting your company the easy way. SEO is not that difficult and its benefits are numerous. Find keywords that are popular and integrate them into your blog posts.

5. Comment on other blogs in your industry.

Whenever you leave a comment on a blog, include your own URL. Many people underestimate just how powerful a comment can be. Just make sure that the comment won’t count against you or your company!