While there are plenty of resources available that tell you what to do when it comes to corporate blogging, there are very few that will let you what not to do. Mistakes are rampant in corporate blogging, especially when you first get started. Not all are dire, but some may have a lasting effect and could harm the future of your blog.

It pays to know what you should do and it pays even more to know what to avoid. Here are the most common mistakes made by corporate blog owners.

Corporate Blog

1. Abusing social bookmarking sites

Anyone who has ever had their site banned from digg or any of the other major sites knows how frustrating it can be. When you are first getting started with this form of promotion, it is all to easy to get carried away and submit every single post you have. This is frowned upon and will likely buy you the reputation as a spammer, or someone that should be ignored.

There is no doubt that social bookmarking is powerful, but that power should not be abused. Submit your posts sparingly, and avoid black hat techniques for promotion. Study which of the posts make it to the front page of these sites and then see which of your own would fit that general form. If necessary, write posts that will appeal to the users of these sites, but always remember the integrity of your site.

2. Failing to post pictures in your blog

This is an easy one and it is also the one that trips up many blog owners. Have you ever seen a pictureless blog? It’s flat, it’s boring and there is nothing on the page to draw the eye. Pictures, when used properly, enhance your blog. A lack of pictures makes it dull.

Try to stick to one picture per post, or even every other post. If necessary, post more than one but remember that not everyone has a high speed connection. Optimize those images, use them sparingly and remember that a picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Ignoring your audience

This is deadly to any blog. If you are not paying attention to what your reader’s want to know, then you may as well quit blogging right now. While you can’t please all of your readers all of the time, you can find ways to make them feel included, and to write what they want to know about.

One of the best ways to determine what your audience wants to know is by using an analytic program that will give you more insight into your site’s traffic. Pay attention to the keywords that are used to find your site, pay attention to what searches are performed and measure traffic to see how effective your posts are.

While there are certainly more mistakes that can be made, these are the most common. Try to avoid making them on your own corporate blog and you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.