When it comes to corporate blogs, many people think of just the standard blogging format and they are afraid to break out of the box. However, there are quite a few options that will help bring your blog to life and may even make it easier to get your message across.

If you’ve been interested in starting a blog but you’re worried that you can’t get your message across in print, these options might appeal to you.

Corporate Blogs

1. Audio Blogging

Audio blogging is very similar to podcasting, or simply recording short bits of conversations or your own thoughts an uploading them to your website. This works very well if you have trouble writing down your thoughts but you are a very gifted public speaker. You’ll be engaging your audience on a different level and it will feel even more personable than a static blog.

Audio blogging can be a lot of fun and for a busy executive, it might be easier simply to record a brief snippet on the way to work, instead of having to sit down and type something in.

The main downside with audio blogging is that it can be a bit expensive at times, especially if your blog becomes popular. You’ll need to pay for bandwidth as well as more storage space since audio files are quite a bit bigger than text files.

2. Video Blogging

This is an area that has not been explored enough when it comes to corporate blogging. This is a very great way to get the point across that your company has a human face since that is what your viewers will be seeing. It’s a lot easier to build a relationship with your viewers since they will be able to see as well as hear you.

Video blogging will cost a little more than audio blogging in terms of storage and bandwidth, but for many companies, it is well worth the extra expense. You can look at your video blog as a mini television show that is designed to showcase your company. This is a very effective means of communication with your audience.

Keep in mind that no matter what format you pick, your audio or video files should be about 5 to 10 minutes in length. Special occasions may call for longer files, but this is a good guideline to follow.

If you aren’t sure which format will work for your company, you may want to try a mix to see which one gets the best response from your audience. This is a great way to see what is really on their minds and what they truly like.

Hiring a blog management company is also recommended since it can take a lot more resources to produce a video or audio blog than it does to produce a simple text blog. These professionals can make it easier to get your point across quickly and effectively. Give audio or video blogging a try and see what it can do for your company today.